Do Scalar Energy Pendants Really Work?

There is much debate surrounding Scalar Energy Pendants, but only by those who have not yet tried one. It is understandable that a person hesitates before purchasing such an item because they do not want to waste their money. There has been considerable testing of the pendants, and their benefits and effectiveness is proven time and again. If you are skeptical it is important that you fully understand what scalar energy is and how it works, and why these pendants have such an amazing effect on people.


Scalar energy is a positive energy that, instead of shooting out beams or running along a wire like light and electricity (other types of energy), it tends to expand and fill its environment. It is this property that enables products to be embedded with scalar energy. For similar reasons it can pass though solid objects without losing intensity. This is important when you consider that Scalar energy passes through the body, thus raising the voltage of each of the body’s cells; either “normalizing” damaged cells or further encouraging healthy cells.


By wearing the pendant you will notice:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased immunity
  • Increased strength
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Shorter healing time
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
  • And protection against harmful EMF energies from modern technologies.


So if the pendant offers these benefits, why do some people discredit them? Next time someone around you says that they do not believe in the positive effects of the pendant, ask them if they have tried one. Then ask if they believe in other alternative therapies like Reiki and energy healing. Chances are that the answer will be no. Some people refuse to believe in things that defy rational logic or cannot be proven by science. Religion is not backed up by science, yet this does not stop millions of people across the world from subscribing to a belief system. The majority of scientists are atheists. This is not a case for religion but simply an observation that some people will not believe something unless they can prove it with their man-made tests.


All you need to do to realize that the pendant does work is wear it. Within a few minutes you will notice increased energy and reduced stress, among other things. There are no negatives to scalar energy, only incredible benefits. Get your Energy Pendant now and feel the difference.


Try it YOURSELF RISK FREE! Try out a Energy Pendant for 60 days and if after doing the tests and sensing the differences if you’re still not convinced just return it in the same condition it was shipped in (including box and card) and I’ll provide a full refund!

I do this because I know all the reading in the world isn’t going to prove it to you, you need to experience these pendants for yourself! The day you put one on and you do some muscle tests and see the differences you’ll be amazed! (And no this isn’t some placebo effect, I explain why the Placebo effect is impossible as well on the FAQ Here)

I recommend you browse my site, look at the video tests and see for yourself these pendants are identical to similar pendants sold at $300+!

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