Japanese Pendant Scam – Read This First!

Have you heard of the unique and beautiful Japanese Pendants? Do you know about the amazing benefits it offers the body? And have you heard of the people who call these pendants a scam and fake? If you are thinking about buying these pendants but want some more information then carry on reading.


It is made from volcanic ceramics, and it derives its name from the particular volcanoes in Japan from which the lava (which is solidified and used to make the pendant) is obtained. All volcanoes give off some scalar energy, but these particular volcanoes give off massive amounts, which may be the reason behind the longevity and good health of the people who live in the surrounding areas.


Scalar energy is considered a positive energy – it converts the body’s heat energy into bio-energy, which encourages the body’s metabolic functions and reduces the harmful effects of EMF energies (those energies emitted from cell phones, computers and microwaves). Within minutes of wearing the pendant you will notice increased energy levels, improved concentration and focus, reduced stress and increased strength. This is the effect that scalar energy has on the body.


If it is such a good thing then why do people discredit the pendants? Some people simply refuse to believe anything that defies rational thought or science. They do not believe in alternative therapies (such as Reiki and energy healing) and are unwilling to try them. Religion is something which cannot be backed up by science or tests, yet millions of people around the world choose to follow one of the faiths. Did you know that most scientists are atheists? They cannot prove religion exists through their man-made tests and so they do not believe in it. This is not a case for religion but makes the point that some people believe that if it cannot be proven by science then it must be fake.


Then there are the people who work within the industry of selling pendants and they also discredit some of them. However, you will notice that while discrediting some pendants, they promote their own as authentic, genuine and guaranteed to live up to their claims. This kind of marketing is done purely to promote one product over another for financial gain. The truth is that so long as the pendant is made of volcanic ceramics and is roughly the same weight and size; in tests the results will be virtually identical. The only time one pendant will be weaker than another is when it is made from material other than volcanic ceramics.

Try it YOURSELF RISK FREE! Try out a Scalar Energy Pendant for 60 days and if after doing the tests and sensing the differences if you’re still not convinced just return it in the same condition it was shipped in (including box and card) and I’ll provide a full refund!

I do this because I know all the reading in the world isn’t going to prove it to you, you need to experience these pendants for yourself! The day you put one on and you do some muscle tests and see the differences you’ll be amazed! (And no this isn’t some placebo effect, I explain why the Placebo effect is impossible as well on the FAQ Here)

I recommend you browse my site, look at the video tests and see for yourself these pendants are identical to similar pendants sold at $300+!

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