EMF Blocker Pendant – Pendant for Emf protection and negativity

EMF Blocker Pendants are pendants that will protect the wearer against harmful EMF and negativity. You might wonder, how does a simple pendant protect someone against harmful EMF radiation and negative energies? It seems pretty complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple, and here we’ll explain how these wonderful little pendants can affect big changes in your life.

What is an EMF Blocker Pendant, and How Does It Work?

Our EMF Blocker Pendants are forged from igneous rock (hardened lava rock that forms around volcanoes) that is gathered from select volcanoes in Japan. We only choose rock from areas that have created volcanic jewelry for centuries, and regions that have a long standing reputation for healing effects. But how does this rock help block anything? Deep in the earth, there are deposits of Scalar Energy. In the late 19th century it was first discovered, but research couldn’t advance at the time because our knowledge of energy was still pretty limited. Nikola Tesla, who’s famous Tesla Coil can be seen throughout the world., began experimenting with it, and Einstein wrote about it. The great thing about Scalar Energy is it is positively charged. If you remember your science courses, you’ll know that like attracts like, and opposites repel. This is how these pendants work.

What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar Energy, embedded into the pendants naturally from the earth’s molten core, will repel EMF energy naturally, keeping you safe from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. But what about negativity; bad ideas, thoughts, those really can’t hurt us can they?

Thought is Energy

Each thought you have and every action is an impulse in the brain, an electrochemical reaction passed from synapse to synapse, up and down and out through the body. There are toys on the market today that can be controlled by theta and alpha brain waves, proving just how powerful a human being’s thoughts can be. Thoughts are energy, and just like any other type of energy, there is negative and positive. A thought isn’t necessarily either one of these, but the energy the body emits is. It’s even been proven in some studies that negativity and stress increase cancer chances, which is why you need to protect yourself.

This is where the pendant comes into play. By neutralizing and repelling harmful energy, you can lead a better stress free life. Why not give it a try?