Do scalar energy pendants really work – Should you risk buying a Quantum Scalar Pendant?

When buying a Quantum Scalar Pendant, or any kind of energy pendant, the question always is, does it work? How do they work?  Do they work at all? Here you’ll find answers to these questions and maybe a little extra!

How do Scalar Energy Pendants work?

Scalar Energy pendants are usually natural materials like minerals and precious metals that have been mined from parts of the earth that have high deposits of scalar energy present. We get ours from select volcanoes in Japan that have been known for centuries for their healing properties. The positive energy inside the pendant will repel EMFs and even negativity (thoughts are just energy after all) helping you lead a healthier more happier life.

How Do You Know They Work?

When determining the ability of a pendant, or EMFs effects on your strength and wellbeing, it’s good to do a muscle test. This muscle test will tell you if you got a dud pendant or not, and if you need one at all. To do a muscle test, you will first need a friend to help you either test yourself or you can test them. The second thing required is a cellphone or an ipod with wifi enabled, so you can test the effects of EMF on a person. The third thing you will need is a pendant, but it’s not necessary to test EMFs effects on you, but good to have if you want to see if a pendant will help you or not.

First, stand straight with your hands at your sides. Now, raise one of your arms and point it straight forward in front of you, even pointing your fingers. Have your friend push down on your arm, enough to cause you to put up resistance but not enough to hurt you. Now, pick up the cellphone in your opposite hand, and place it over your heart. Put your arm back up and have your friend push down on your arm, and you should notice that your arm drops down and you can’t resist the strain. This is proof of the EMFs effect on your body.

If you have a pendant, place it around your neck and conduct the test again like in the previous step. You’ll notice that your arm doesn’t have as much of a problem, which shows how Scalar Pendants work.