Information on Scalar Energy Pendants – What do Scalar Energy Pendants Do?

A common question when an individual sets out on the path to natural energy healing is what are Scalar Energy Pendants and what do they do? Here you will find information on how theywork, and the benefits of owning one are.

What do Scalar Energy pendants do?

First, let’s go over what scalar energy is. It was first discovered in the 1800’s by a scientist, but at the time we didn’t understand how energy worked very well, so the work was set aside. Nikola Tesla, the master of energy, experimented with it for a while and wrote many papers on its interesting effects of healing on the human body, in particular tissue damage. This research was again set aside, and no impetus was made on the research until Einstein wrote about it as part of his unified field theory, or the theory of everything. This posits that at the quantum level everything is connected, and that energy can never be destroyed, only change forms. Scalar energy has been shown in recent years to repair damage to an organism at the cellular level, rejuvenating each cell and strengthening it. It also promotes the production of healthy cells.

Other than the healing aspect, it can repel and neutralize EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation, which has been proven to be detrimental to human health. How does it do this though?

How Does Scalar Energy Work?

Scalar Energy is a kind of energy that has existed since the beginning of time, along other forms of energy like electromagnetic field energy and nuclear energy. Scalar, also sometimes called Quantum energy, is positively charged and does not change forms when it passes through matter. This is important, especially when it’s in pendant form, you can wear it in or outside thick clothing and it will still be just as effective.

Scalar energy is positively charged, and naturally repels negative or harmful energies. EMF (electromagnetic field) energy isn’t dangerous in and of itself, but in high amounts you begin to have a cumulative effect on a person that becomes harmful. By harnessing this energy, you can reduce your exposure to harmful energies and promote a positive sense of wellbeing.

Is a Scalar Energy Pendant Right For Me?

If you are suffering from the ill effects of EMF radiation (you can find more about this by browsing our site) you should try a Scalar Energy Pendant. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you can find out if a Scalar Energy Pendant is right for you, and if you can reap the benefits.