An EMF Protection Device That Really Works! Find out How!

Finding An EMF Protection Device That Works

So why exactly would you need an EMF protection device?

After all electromagnetic fields occur in nature too!

In fact our entire planet generates a massive magnetic field between our North and South Poles – that’s how compasses work. Then if you take a look at the atmosphere of our planet it’s extremely highly charged with energy and we get to see the very loud and very real results of that when there are thunder storms. So in a way the planet itself is a gigantic EMF generator but there are some subtle differences.

Man (and woman) have been on this planet for a long, long time and as we developed and evolved we had time to become accustomed to the electromagnetic fields that exist on the planet. The other factor is that these EMFs are background in nature – they’re just not strong enough to affect us in any physical way. This is unlike the modern “luxuries” we surround ourselves with that emit huge levels of harmful electromagnetic waves that can cause a whole spectrum of health issues. Everything from your laptop computer to your cell phone give off EMFs which, over time, can have extremely negative effects on your body and this is why an EMF protection device is so important.

What kind of negative effects can electromagnetic fields have on your body?

It all depends on the strength of the waves you’re being exposed to but the most commonly reported issues from EMF exposure are things like headaches, chest pain, insomnia, constant tiredness, infertility memory loss and the most worrying potential side-effect of all is cancer. You’ll have people swear blind that things like cell phones can’t cause cancer but the facts speak for themselves and there is evidence to back up the fact that prolonged and extensive cell phone use does seem to indicate a higher risk of getting certain types of cancer.

So is there any way to protect yourself against a potentially life threatening illness caused by electromagnetic waves?

One of the simplest ways to counteract the effects of your body being charged with positive ions by EMFs is to wear a personal EMF protection device such as a scalar energy pendant.

A scalar-what-now?

Relax – scalar energy is the energy that exists all around us in the natural world and has existed since the creation of the universe, these scalar energy devices simply harness that energy for use in protecting yourself from these harmful EMFs and their associated radiation in addition to providing other benefits to the wearer. There are naturally occurring minerals found in volcanic rock that are laced with scalar energy and an EMF protection device will be made from these exact minerals to balance out the level and type of ions flowing through your body.

You’ll typically find that these EMF protection devices come in the form of a pendant worn around your neck, our scalar energy pendant being one such example, and being in close contact with your body it helps them get to work that little bit faster. The crazy thing about scalar energy pendants is that they seem to have positive health benefits for the body outside of even just protecting it from EMFs. Lots of people who own these pendants have reported results including improved athletic performance, less painful menstrual cramps and even an improvement in back pain!

However the evidence isn’t only anecdotal as the pendants can be verified as we display in video format showing the negative ion emissions. These negative ions neutralize positive ions which emit from all your electronic devices. In other words the pendant can neutralize many of the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution on your body.

Our scalar energy EMF pendants are just one (potent) example of just how well an EMF protection device can work for your overall health.