Scalar Cross Pendant – Lava Energy Cross Necklace!


Scalar Cross Necklace #1
A Scalar Cross Pendant / Necklace with heart shaped center.


Have you ever wished you could wear a cross necklace that literally gave you energy THAT YOU COULD FEEL?

The Scalar Cross Pendant is more than a powerful religious symbol of faith. It will instill you with energy, protect you from EMF and provide relief to your body in numerous ways as I will explain!

This pendant is made from a combination of Lava Rock and other deep earth minerals. The end result is a POWERFUL pendant that does MUCH more than your typical cross pendant or necklace.

The cross pendant emits something known as negative ions. These ions assist the body in numerous ways, however there are some benefits you may notice more than others.


Lava Cross Pendant Benefits Include:

–          Increased Energy / Less Fatigue

–          Faster Healing / Recovery

–          Reduced Pain (especially back pain and simple injuries)

–          EMF Cell Phone and Laptop Protection!

–          Immune Boost! Get Sick less often!


Scalar Cross Necklace #2
Our 2nd Scalar Cross Necklace Design. This design has a small cross center and cross edges that widen as they go out further.


Q: Will the Pendant run out of energy / negative ions?

A: No! Your Scalar Cross Pendant is guaranteed to emit energy for 10 years. However based on the science and tests it should emit energy for closer to 50+ years!


Q: Is the Cross Necklace safe to wear?

A: Absolutely, we’ve been dealing in scalar products for many years. Negative ions have NO negative side effects and ONLY benefit the body. The only situation one might want to not wear the pendant is if they’re trying to go to bed and they find they’re getting too much energy from the pendant.


Q: Is this a Scam? Does it really work?

A: Feel free to check out the video on our main page here – You will see we have a video near the top of the page which has a video showing us test a pendant. It is a different pendant model/shape however it is an example of the energy the cross pendant will emit. We can design different types of pendants from our lava rock earth, the Cross Pendant is simply one of the most popular designs we offer.


365 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

If for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied with your Scalar Energy Pendant, simply ship it back to us within 365 days in it’s original condition, box and all bonuses and we will offer you a complete refund minus any shipping charges!


1 Scalar Cross Pendant – REGULAR $49

Design Style



3 Scalar Cross Pendants – REGULAR $97

Design Style



5 Scalar Cross Pendants – REGULAR $147

Design Style



10 Scalar Cross Pendants – REGULAR $275


Design Style