Improve Indoor Plant Growth with Negative Ions!

Want to Improve Indoor Plant Growth in your Home?


Tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Or maybe you simply want to maximize the potential of your plants by doing whatever you can to improve their growth?

If so then you’ll be interested to read the rest of this blog post to learn about how you can use a lava rock to improve the growth of the plants in your home and garden!

Improve Indoor Plant Growth
Plants Need Negative Ions to Flourish

Have you heard of something called a Quantum Pendant or Scalar Energy Pendant?

These are pendants made from volcanic rock which emit out energy. Commonly thought to be only useful for humans and animals, they can ALSO positively benefit plants as well! Plants have been seen to benefit tremendously from lava rock placed next to them or ground into their soil. The reason being is that the energy emitted by the rock puts out something called negative ions.


Negative Ions for Plants!

Negative ions are naturally found in nature and are truly the energy of nature itself. Everything from salt lamps to waterfalls puts out negative ions. Negative ions provide countless benefits to humans from improved mood to reduced pain and increased energy. However plants are not left out from these benefits either! They too receive massive benefits!

Some of the benefits that have been observed are:

  • Faster Growth
  • More Vibrant Colors
  • Hardier and less Fragile Plants

The reason for this is that in our modern environments the air is filled with positive ions. An imbalance of positive ions in fact that can cause a myriad of problems if not addressed. Plants are also subject to this and can suffer as a result. If no matter what you do the plants in your home just can’t seem to survive, this is a VERY likely reason why!

There are a couple of great solutions to this however!


The Solution!

Negative Ion Generator – These home air ion generators rebalance the ion levels in the air which can assist all the plants in the general area. Especially useful for indoor house plants that are surrounded by electronics in a room!

Lava Rock Pendants – These pendants can be placed in the pot of a plant or next to the plant itself to directly feed negative ions into the plant. This is excellent for both indoor AND outdoor plants to feed additional negative ions into them. Ideally putting these pendants in the pot of a plant and also running an air ion generator in the room will be the most effective method of improving the indoor air quality AND improving the overall health of your plants!

If you have more questions about how these pendants work or how to improve the health of your plants and yourself feel free to send us a message!