Protection Against EMF – What Can you do?

Protection Against EMF – What Can you do?

If you’re a health conscious member of society you’re more and more aware of the need for protection against EMF, or at the very least you should be. EMF are electromagnetic fields which are created and given off by any device that uses electric power and the more electrical power the device uses the stronger the EMFs it will give off.

But why should this matter to you?

Well in small doses EMFs are nothing to worry about and in fact you’ll find electromagnetism occurring in nature – in the soil beneath our feet and in the skies over our heads. Natural levels of electromagnetism are not the problem but what is a huge problem are the man-made levels of EMFs that surround us on a daily basis. Everything from your cell phone to your television to your hair dryer gives off this type of “radiation” and even if you realize how dangerous it is how do you actually protect yourself against electromagnetic waves?

For some people they decide to go “off the grid” and build a yurt or other type of “organic” home that relies on wood burning stoves, solar arrays and well-drawn water for their daily needs. You’d also need to make sure you’re not living near any airports, or any areas with overhead power lines or other types of electrical devices and you’ll also have to give up your cellphone….which is probably one of the hardest things for people to live without these days. This is the most drastic way of removing all traces of EMF from your life and who knows the lifestyle might even suit you!

But if you’re looking for protection against EMF that allows you to stay a little bit closer to home and doesn’t involve living in a tent or a yurt then you could also modify your lifestyle. You could spend less time around electrical devices and remove radio, laptops, televisions and everything else from your bedroom. You’d also need to make sure that if you keep your cellphone in your room with you that it’s turned off completely; at least this way you’re getting a proper nights sleep with no EMF interference. How many of you sleep with your cellphone under your pillow each night? That’s a really bad habit guys – it’s the equivalent of replacing your pillow with a small microwave oven.

To be honest you’re going to need a solution that is far more portable and far less troublesome than eliminating things like computers and cellphones from your life although keeping them away from where you sleep is still a solid idea. One solution that tens of thousands of people testify to is using an EMF pendant such as our Quantum Scalar Energy pendant to help you deal with the problem of EMF in your life. These pendants are composed of natural substances that are rich in scalar energy which in turn is extremely good for removing the harmful effects of positive ion saturation that you get from being “saturated” in electromagnetic waves in your day-to-day life.

You don’t have to take our word for it either – these pendants have been shown to have scientifically measurable effects on removing harmful ions from your body and replacing them with the much healthier negative ions your body needs. You can measure this effect yourself with a Gauss Meter or simply check out our videos for more proof of just how beneficial a Quantum Scalar pendant is as a form of protection against EMF and other diseases and conditions.