What Is the Best EMF Protection to Have? Find Out Now!

What Is the Best EMF Protection to have?

If you’re wondering what EMF is then it’s probably best to take a few seconds to explain it here first before we go any further into explaining what the best EMF protection system is. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field and these are created by any device that uses electrical current to work – like your television, laptop or even your refrigerator. They’re also created and transmitted by other devices like radar, power lines and of course your cell phone.


Why Protect Yourself Against EMF?

Well you see the human body is a pretty finely balanced “machine” and for thousands of years mankind existed without being affected by anything except the EMFs that occur in nature – like the Earth’s magnetic field or the charge generated by an electric storm; but these are background EMF that our bodies are more than used to and not a reason for concern. As we have adapted to these EMFs over thousands of years.


The EMF that you’ll want to protect yourself against, or at least be aware of, are the man-made sources of EMF such as radar, cell phones, laptops, power transformers, power lines and pretty much every single electrical appliance. You see since the advent of home electricity and electrical appliances, over the last 90-years or so, our bodies are being “saturated” by these electromagnetic waves which leaves our bodies charged with excess positive ions – which simply isn’t good for us as humans and has a negative effect on animals too. Doesn’t it seem like a massive coincidence that we’ve seen the appearance of a dozens of unheard of health problems and medical conditions in the last 90-years or so too?


The reason you want to have the best EMF protection possible for you, your family and even your pets is because there are hundreds of studies which point to there being a connection between electromagnetic fields and a wide variety of health issues including more minor issues like headaches, fatigue and nausea right through to life-threatening conditions like cancer, heart problems, birth defects in children, childhood cancers and miscarriages.


But is there any evidence to back up why you should protect yourself against electromagnetic fields? Surprisingly enough there’s a wealth of evidence from Government agencies indicating that EMF is something that everyone should be aware of. The Department of Energy has gone on record to say that there are “..indeed biological effects due to field exposure.” and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) briefly classified strong electromagnetic fields as a Class B carcinogen – or a potential source of various cancers. They then reclassified it afterwards after some serious pressure from utility and military lobby groups.


Look at it this way – have you ever noticed that you simply feel “drained” after a conversation on your cell phone? There’s a very, very strong possibility that your feeling this way is a result of your entire body being exposed to EMF.


So what is the best EMF protection for day-to-day use? Well the simplest way would be to simply get rid of anything from your life that causes EMF but then you’ll be surrounded by cellphone towers, overhead power lines and a dozen other sources anyway.


The innovative answer we found is a scalar energy pendant that you wear around your neck. Scalar is just a reference to the type of energy these pendants are infused with – the energy at the very nature of the creation of everything we see around us. And it’s this energy, charged with negative ions, that helps your body “discharge” itself of the positive ions that are causing you to feel like a car crash every single day. In our mind this is the best EMF protection you can get.