Energy Healing Pendants – Fact or Fiction?

The moment someone mentions “energy healing pendants” is probably the moment you dismiss this person as a naïve sucker for someone’s elaborate scam, but could there actually be something to this ancient practice?

Surprisingly, the answer is maybe there is.

To understand why this even makes any sense at all requires a little bit of physics and some quantum mechanics (don’t worry, I’ll try to make it as pain free as I can).

Energy fields are usually thought of being like a sea of vibrations – heat energy represents a lot of vibration that we can feel in the air (our skin feels it as hotness), radio wave energy are vibrations we can’t feel, and so on. According to relativity theory, that E=mc2 that everybody knows by heart but very few actually understand, all matter IS energy. If you think of it that way and then think of energy as vibrations, then all matter has some vibration to it even if we can’t see or feel it using our traditional senses – we know that radio waves exist, but we can’t see them, we need a special tuner to “pick them up” and turn them into sound.

Now try thinking about the principles that energy healing pendants are based on and see if it makes a little bit more sense.

These pendants are usually said to emit their own fields of energy, whether they be scalar energy, negative ions, Qi, Reiki, or other named or unnamed vibrations or energy forces. Some types of pendants have energy fields that can be detected by equipment, like scalar energy pendants, and some do not, like most crystals and gemstones. Not being able to detect the energy doesn’t mean it’s not there, but in order to make sense you should be able to detect an effect of the energy, which is what many studies have attempted to do.

A 2011 study on Reiki, which is the practice of using meditation to control or affect vibrations and energy fields directly showed a measurable effect on participant’s moods and feelings of well-being compared to placebo.

Another 2011 study shows that cells communicate by electromagnetic energy fields in addition to other methods already known. Its not a huge leap to propose that its possible to affect the electromagnetic energy fields our cells use to communicate with one another – after all, its been proven that electronic devices can interfere with those fields and cause tumors. Its theorized that energy healing pendants made from crystals, lava, stone, etc emit their own energy fields that affect the fields in our bodies positively.