Germanium Bracelet – Nano Energy FIR Bracelet ONLY $37

The Germanium Bracelet – NEW STRONGER 2013 MODEL

“The Germanium Bracelet is one of if not THE only way to remove the positive ion buildup from the body due to electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, TVs etc.”

Where a Quantum Pendant will emit negative ions INTO the body, the Germanium Bracelet greatly enhances this effect by removing positive ions FROM the body. The combined effect of a Quantum Pendant and Germanium Bracelet is that the ion balance of the body reaches optimal levels and the effects of electronic devices (all of which emit positive ions) is neutralized. In this way both the Quantum Pendant and Germanium Bracelet offer unique benefits which also complement each other significantly!

Made of Titanium and Stainless Steel and contains 80 200  FIR Germanium stones (NEW FOR 2013)

What it does: The bracelet corrects the ion balance within the body and sends Far Infrared Rays (FIR) into the body.


Understanding The Problem…

We are exposed to an abundance of positive ions throughout the day. When constantly exposed to these sources of positive ions such as cell phones, computers and numerous other electronic sources we become fatigued, our circulation suffers and mentally we won’t be able to function as sharply. With more positive ions your metabolism slows and the ageing process is accelerated.

positive ion sources


How the Germanium Bracelet helps?

Germanium: The Germanium stones on the bracelet when in contact with your skin will literally pull harmful positive ions from your body.

  Positive Ion Balance

By removing positive ions from the body and re-balancing the positive and negative ion balance in the body there are numerous health benefits to be gained. The biggest of any is a reduction in symptoms associated with EMF exposure. This is a necessity for anyone who uses a cell phone or computers daily as your positive ion load will far outweigh the negative ions needed by your body for optimal health.

Germanium stones help with blood circulation & improve red blood cell function within the body as a result of their positive ion removal ability. They also reduce pain and stiffness in the body, especially in the hands, back, shoulders & neck areas. It can boost immunity and metabolism as well and works as an anti-inflammatory.


The far infrared capability of the stones activates water molecules in the body which as a result enhances circulation. FIR rays enhance the function of all organs in the body.

Titanium: Titanium is a rust proof metal. It can assist with balancing the bio-energy in the body which can assist with reducing the negative effects of EMF exposure.

Germanium Bracelet

All in all the Germanium Bracelet is capable of helping anyone improve their overall health by providing the unique ability of removing excess positive ions from the body, while also making for a very fashion savvy accessory. 

NOTE: Please contact us if you wish to order more as we offer bulk discounts on larger orders!


1 Germanium Nano Energy Bracelet – Regular: $59 Sale: $37 


2 Germanium Nano Energy Bracelet – Regular: $97 Sale: $59