Quantum Pendant VS Q-Link – Which is Better?

Quantum Pendant VS Q-Link – Which is Better?

Have a Q-Link and want to know if the Quantum Pendant is better?

Or have a Quantum Pendant and curious about the Q-link?

Then stick around because you’re going to find out quite a bit more than you expect I assure you.

I’m also writing this post based on my OWN experience with the Quantum Pendant in terms of testing and research and this INCLUDES researching the actual scientific explanation (there is in fact one beyond just repeatedly saying “scalar energy” – as many sales people will do), which is a more or less a one all catch phrase that’s ambiguity unfortunately does not help the cause of the Quantum Pendant in my opinion.

I’ll present to you my perspective based on speaking with many customers who are also Q-link owners and my research of both as best as I can. As well I have nothing against the Q-link. If a person has found it helps them then that’s all that matter in my opinion. For the sake of this article I will divulge all the information I have on the topic.


Customer Experience Feedback

First I’ll have you know that I have been able to count well over 10 Q-link owners who have emailed me regarding their experience with my Quantum Pendant after receiving it. In absolutely every case I’m either told it’s flat out better, more tangible in effect or different in a good way. Not being a Q-link owner myself I can only explain how I see this to be the case based on what I provide below.

Winner: Quantum Pendant

Quantum Pendant vs Q-Link – How it works?

Quantum Pendant

The Quantum Pendant emits negative ions from the deep earth minerals contained within the lava rock. These negative ions present numerous health benefits to the wearer. The main one is that all electronic equipment emits something called positive ions which have a weakening effect on the body and can present health symptoms if in abundance. The negative ions from the pendant reduce the positive ions in the body and as a result can directly reduce the symptoms related to positive ions which improves energy, mental focus, can reduce pain and headaches in addition to many other effects. It is also believed to benefit in reducing the harmful effects of EMFs due to the fact that it can reduce the harm caused by electronic devices in the form of positive ions.

Negative ions also provide numerous other health benefits to the body even when not surrounded by electronic equipment (ie. It isn’t a one trick pony).

With a Quantum Pendant the proof is in the fact that it emits negative ions which as I’ve mentioned have numerous research papers to back up from 3rd party sources!


The Q-link reportedly has a chip inside it that emits a frequency through which numerous benefits can be received. This however is the same claim made by numerous other frequency products that can’t be effectively tested such as the Amega products. If we assume this chip does in fact emit a frequency though then it’s a question of how and more importantly does that really mean it’s doing anything of benefit for us? The pendant is supposed to remove EMFs from our surrounding area and protect us like a shield. Its benefits are directly related to how effectively it can do this job… if it in fact is doing it at all?

Anything I found from q-link was independent research. The verification of this can be seen below.


Testing of the Quantum Pendant VS Q-Link – Where’s the Proof?

This is my major sticking point with the Q-Link.

With the Quantum Pendant you can actually use a device (Negative Ion Tester) to show the energy being emitted.

With a Q-link you can do no such thing. Granted it apparently works off of a different mechanism. However the only way to display this is through muscle testing which you can also do with a Quantum Pendant or through anecdotal evidence.

With the use of a negative ion tester there is NO argument against a Quantum Pendant / Scalar Energy Pendant that it does not do something, in fact it can be proven as I display on my website with EVIDENCE that in fact it does emit energy. With all the other pendants on the market I’ve found they at best can only rely on muscle testing or anecdotal evidence as a foundation for their effects.

The Quantum Pendant / Scalar Energy Pendant however can also display it’s effects through muscle testing but it does not need to rely on this. As well the reality is that unless a muscle test is done properly there are numerous ways in which it can effectively fail or give the wrong results. So it can’t be the final method on which proof is relied upon.

Quantum Pendant – Can be Verified & tested with a scientific testing instrument

Q-Link – Cannot be Verified or tested with any scientific instrument

Winner – Quantum Pendant

Based on the information I provide above I just can’t see anyway in which the Q-link is better than the Quantum Pendant. The Quantum Pendant can be tested with devices to prove there is energy emission. There is numerous amounts of research on the health benefits of what the Quantum Pendant provides in addition to which many people who are Q-link owners as well have told me that they feel more from the Quantum Pendant than their Q-link.

Of course I can imagine people reading this will assume I’m biased, however I just gave the straight facts on exactly what I’ve found. You can read more about the Quantum Pendant on my website here – https://www.scalarenergypendants.com/

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here – https://www.scalarenergypendants.com/contact/