Unique Christmas Gifts for 2012 – EMF Protection is for Everyone!


If you’re trying to decide what to get for Christmas this year, you may want to consider some unique gifts for Christmas this 2012 holiday season! There are many unique things to get, often people find themselves going to new-age or hippie like gifts. However this year you can get something that will have a unique or weird appeal to some but regardless of how it’s initially perceived, it’s something that anyone can benefit from having!



The time is now for learning how to protect yourself from EMFs. There are numerous things you can do, however the most important and obvious is to start doing something rather than nothing at all.

Here are my 2 main suggestions for those seeking out some protection from EMFs this Christmas season.


#1 – Earthing/Grounding equipment: These are products which plug into the grounding outlet of the power plug in the wall. The grounding outlet plug is connected to a sheet which often is made of a metal such as silver wire which runs throughout the material. What this does is in fact takes the voltage charge (which we call receive from cell phones, tablets and computers) and takes it right out of our bodies.


#2 – Scalar Energy Pendants: This may seem redundant as my website here is all about these types of pendants but I’ll say it here again. These pendants are good for any biological life form, humans included! If you haven’t read about these before you can find out more information on my main page where I have much more detailed explanations.


In a nutshell these pendants are made of a special type of lava rock which produces negative ions. These negative ions can have numerous beneficial effects on the body, including improving mood, energy, immunity, strength and much more!



What to do?

The best option is to use both in my opinion! Both items provide unique benefits to the user and they both complement each other. For more information don’t hesitate to email me about either product. I can provide a good link for grounding products and can also answer any questions you have about the pendants. As well don’t hesitate to sign up to my newsletter for more information about how Scalar Energy Pendants work and what you can start doing today to begin benefiting from them!


Christmas 2012 is right around the corner and my best suggestion for gifts this year is to get your family and friends some EMF protection gifts this year which can make a real genuine difference in their lives in ways they may not even be aware of at this time! Unique Christmas Gifts for 2012 and EMF protection are synonymous with one another!