Negative Ions vs. Positive Ions – How are they Different?

When thinking about ions it’s good to know the difference of negative ions vs. positive ions because the way in which our environment and our bodies react to them are vastly different.  The first things we need to understand are the molecules themselves.  All atoms around us typically have the same amount of protons and neutrons.  What this means is that in their normal states, an atom is neutral.  A positive ion is a molecule which has, for one reason or another, more protons than electrons.  As such, a negative ion is a molecule which has, for one reason or another, more electrons than protons.

What research has shown is that ions – molecules, atoms or complex molecules – that surround us in our lives can have varying effects on our bodies and on our mood depending upon whether we are surrounded by more negative ions or more positive ones.  Believe it or not, contrary to their names, you really want to have more negative ions around you than positive.

Let’s take a look at the different effects that these sets of ions have on our bodies:

Negative Ions Positive Ions
Heart: Helps increase heart function Impairs heart function
Nervous system: Relaxes and calms nerves Puts strain on the nervous system by adding tension
Energy: Speeds up physical recovery Slows down physical recovery
Blood Pressure: Assists in blood pressure stabilization Raises blood pressure levels


On top of the above, there have been studies done that show that negative ions have a very positive effect on people who are suffering from depression or low energy levels.   Negatively charged ions are found in the air in places like around beaches, waterfalls and even in the bathroom during a shower – perhaps that’s one of the biggest reasons many people feel better after a shower.  Conversely, if you are in an environment where there are too many positive ions, you can feel run down, depressed and actually feel aches and pains more.

There are many things in our day to day lives that create positive ions – computer monitors and cell phones are two of the largest culprits.  These two items are also things a majority of us spend a great deal around.  Introducing so many positive ions into our lives might explain why there are so many more cases of depression these days.

There are a number of ways to introduce negative ions back into our environment – and none of them include installing a waterfall in your living room!  There are mechanical ionization machines that come in room size and in smaller personal sizes, perfect for the car or a cubicle.  However, the downside to these units is that they all require energy to run and aren’t terribly mobile.

There are things like the Scalar Energy Pendants and various bracelets that allow you to create a negative ion personal zone that is fully mobile and go with you wherever you go.  This will enable you to combat positive ion charges in your environment and maintain a happy, healthy, energized outlook.  When thinking about what we surround ourself with on a daily basis and the negative ions and positive ions we’re exposed to we really want to try to infuse ourselves with as many negative ions as possible!