How quantum pendants work with our body – How Quantum pendants Benefit Humans

Quantum pendants have been in the news a lot lately, many athletes, motivational speakers, and actors attribute them to a better sense of wellbeing; but what are they? How do they work? Do they work with the body, providing a benefit to humans, or do they do nothing at all? Here we’ll answer all these questions so you can make an informed decision about your future health and wellbeing!

How Quantum Pendants Work With Your Body

Our Quantum pendants are made from volcanic rock, once fiery destructive lava transformed into a solid state that’s safe for humans. Though it may be solid, the energy contained within it is still very much alive, and can be harnessed by the wearer. The energy locked inside the rock is known as Scalar Energy. For the last 130 years it has been experimented with, and only recently have we had the level of science to understand how it works.

Scalar Energy is special because it does not transform when passing through matter, and it is positively charged. It has been the subject of recent scientific studies (Google study scalar energy to find out more) and many ongoing ones, that have determined it to have a positive impact on human health. Scalar Energy works on the individual cellular level, protecting and healing damaged cells, along with promoting the growth of new healthier and hardier cells that can withstand environmental bombardment of toxins and damaging radiation.

When you place a scalar pendant over your head, the effects are instantaneous. Please check out our section on the muscle test to find out more. The pendant will create a field around your body, usually about 3 feet or one meter, that repels and neutralizes the bad types of radiation that will cause you harm. Think of it like an arrow going through the air; the arrow is moving so quickly that a bubble forms around it, where air passes over and around it until it loses momentum. This is how a quantum field will operate; the radiation is still there, but it passes around you and continues on its way.



Why Is There A Benefit?


When studies about the effects on electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation were first conducted in the middle of the twentieth century, it was shown that minute, low levels of background EMF radiation posed no harm to human beings. But, when you hit the middle and high ranges things like melatonin production are disrupted (sleep patterns and insomnia), tissue and organ damage (skin burns, poor eyesight) and other problems. Just by wearing a simple pendant, you can protect yourself from the radiation that scientists could never have imagined human beings facing every day in our current times.