Energy Pendant for Yoga, Weight Lifting and all Sports! Improves Flexibility, Strength and More!

When doing yoga, weight lifting, and other sports, you need that extra advantage of strength, flexibility and performance. A Scalar Energy Pendant will provide you with all these things, without any dangerous pharmaceuticals or time consuming meditations.

How Does It Work?

But how does this work? How can a small piece of rock do anything for you performance wise? Our scalar energy pendants come from hardened lava (also known as igneous rock) collected from select volcanoes and Japan. Scalar energy is a positively charged energy that creates a focal point for the wearer, making your heart and lungs stronger, increasing oxygen delivery throughout your body bringing you the best performance possible.

Scalar energy also promotes the production of healthy cells, and protects cells on an individual level. Since it’s one of the few forms of energy that doesn’t change forms as it passes through matter, you can wear it right against your skin and over thick clothing and still achieve the same effects.

If you’ve ever read up on how the brain and electrical impulses work, you know that thoughts are energy, traveling from synapse to synapse in the brain. Neurons will travel down through the body, telling muscles to move, your lungs to breathe, your brain to react. By creating a focal point, you speed up your reaction time making you faster and stronger.

Protect Yourself Against EMFs

Scalar energyalso is great at repelling EMFs (electromagnetic fields). EMFs in high concentrations can disrupt your ability to think, distracting the brain and interfering with the way it works. This can help your yoga meditations, and help you get better sleep.

If you’re wondering how EMFs can hinder your performance, take the muscle test. You’ll need a friend, a cellphone, and if you have one already an energy pendant. Stand straight with your hands at the sides. Put one hand out straight in front of you, without bending it at the elbow, and have your friend push down on your arm until you feel like you need to resist. Now, pick up the cellphone with the opposite hand and place it over your heart; do the previous steps again. You’ll see that you can’t keep your arm up as easily, if at all, and this shows how EMFs will disrupt your strength and flexibility. Now, if you have a pendant put it on and try this again, you’ll notice that you don’t fall over or have as much of a problem.