How to Muscle Test a Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant

Here’s a quick little post on how to Muscle Test a Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant so you can see results from it as soon as it comes in. Also be sure to refer back to the videos on my site for additional visual reference on what to do.

Cell phone test with or without a pendant

Step 1: Stick your arm out straight ahead in front of you, another way of doing this is to point straight ahead. Then have your muscle testing partner push down with enough force on your arm that you are forced to resist but not so much as to hurt you. Make sure your arm is pointed straight ahead and not bend at the elbow.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 however this time have the testee hold a cell phone that is turned on against their chest while still pointing their other arm straight ahead. Have their partner push down on their arm… they should notice that it’s much easier to push their arm and that the testee can’t resist without great strain and most times they won’t be able to resist at all.

Step 3: Now repeat step 2 however this time have the testee put on a Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant. You will find they can now resist your pushing down while still holding the cell phone.

Times when muscle testing might not work: If the testee is exhausted or dehydrated sometimes they won’t test correctly. To check for this try doing step 1 and then push the spot on their forehead about 1 inch above the spot between their eyebrows. This should cause them to go weak, if they’re still strong when you push like this they may not be testable at that time.

If the testee is extremely emotionally imbalanced it might not be a good time to test them as the results can become random. The best time to test is when they’re feeling fairly “normal” and they’ve hydrated.

That’s it, muscle testing is quite simple to do the toughest part can be learning how to gauge how much pressure to initially apply. Once you get this down you’ll be able to test anyone and surprise people as you’re able to always push their arm down when they hold a cell phone… of course unless they’re wearing a Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant in which case they will be perfectly fine.


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