Scalar Energy Pendant Scam

Before I answer this question of whether Scalar Energy Pendants are a Scam I’m going to first take a look at the people who would say this sort of thing and why.

A good question to ask whenever someone assumes oh “Scalar Energy Pendants are Scams” or “Those Energy Pendants don’t work” is have they ever used one themselves?

I seriously doubt it.

<For VIDEO PROOF (Not Muscle Testing!) Watch the Testing Video at the top of the page Here!>

In my experience anyone who claims these energy pendants are scams right off the bat, not only will they make this claim they almost seem hostile towards the very concept. My interpretation of it is this, they are either

A. Afraid of it being true since it breaks their concept and understanding of reality, so it scares them and automatically they label it as a Scam or fake to maintain their own frame of reality.


B. They are simply skeptical of all things and proof in many ways often still aren’t enough for these people.

When someone tries a pendant on for the first time and immediately notices a difference in their strength levels suddenly they don’t care anymore what the theory is or anything else… all they know is its doing something and its something really good!

Going back to the main question though are Scalar Energy Pendants a Scam, in short NO they are not. Anyone who has used one can speak from experience these small little pendants grant a tremendous beneficial effect on the body. Those who are highly sensitive to EMFs can often notice within the first 5-10 minutes a MAJOR difference when they’re around a computer or cell phone. The basic muscle tests alone often blow people away and I assure you there is no trick involved. Anyone who claims its a trick both doesn’t understand and likely has never experienced the muscle test.

Although after muscle testing people with the pendant even after putting it on them and having them easily hold my body weight up without pushing them off balance they still sometimes (rarely but it happens) might not believe its doing anything, that its all in their mind. To that I say that’s great, so they can just try to use their mind everyday to mimic what the pendant did… ummm not quite but if someone wants to believe that its entirely up to them.

Some people argue, “It’s just a placebo effect”. To which I reply if that’s so then how come I can sneak a pendant into a persons pocket, perform the muscle test and they’ll have the same results WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING ITS ON THEM! In addition to which I can have them hold another pendant or a random stone and in those cases the test doesn’t work, if it was a placebo effect then it shouldn’t matter what I give the person it should be the same result correct? So why then is it only when the person holds a scalar pendant is their strength so much greater suddenly, or they don’t go weak from a cell phone.

This is what I think, I am NOT a fan of labels I don’t care if people say the pendant is made of earth from my back yard, volcanic lava or inter dimentional rocks. It doesn’t matter! All I care about and know is this.

Since starting to wear my energy pendant I have had more energy than ever before, my chronic fatigue is gone, I no longer get drained at the computer and my strength is through the roof. I feel better for wearing it and it is EASILY one of the best purchases I have made in my entire life.

Again feel free to do your research, but I’ll tell you this the only way you’ll know for yourself if the Scalar Energy Pendant Scam is true or not is to wear one yourself. I assure you that performing the same tests that are on this site you’ll realize that this pendant really does do something profound and the effect is all too real.

Scalar Energy Pendant Scam

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