Metaphysical Stones – Crystals and Stones for Health

Metaphysical Stones in Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is an approach to health and well-being that takes into account the entire person instead of isolating each “problem” down to a single “disease.” In western medicine we tend to think of health and medicine as a systematic way of eliminating problems which we define as different diseases with different sets of symptoms.

Holistic medicine looks at everything about the way a person lives and functions, even the stuff that we don’t necessarily consider a symptom, even though in western medicine that’s all we focus on. The idea is that a body is more complicated than just a machine that has one little mechanism out of balance; a body is so complex that when something is out of balance, it tends to make almost everything else out of balance too.

Well-being isn’t just in the body, either, it’s in the spiritual, mental, and metaphysical. This doesn’t mean that it’s bogus, it means that we can’t put our finger on it yet. Just because we can’t explain something that doesn’t take away from the fact that it gets results!

Using Metaphysical stones

Using stones and crystals for metaphysical purposes is not new. But we’re starting to see a bridge between metaphysics and physics, between the spiritual and the physical, between alternative medicine and Western medicine. Science is starting to explain many alternative treatments that used to have no explanation at all.

Magnets had been used therapeutically for a long time before anyone was able to explain magnetism or even that it is a force that exists. Scalar energy pendants had been in use in Japan for a long time before anyone was able to detect the negative ionization that these pendants emit.

Soon enough science will be able to detect the specific types of energy that crystals and gemstones give off. This energy is detectable by sensitive people and sufferers of chronic pain and depression who are often surprised to find that what they thought was pure quackery has actually benefited their life in a real way.

The Form of this Energy

The energy that metaphysical stones have can either be imbued in it during the natural process of it being made in the Earth, or it can be imbued into it by concentration forces, like the practice of Reiki, wherein a master is able to direct his or her meditation into an object or through the air to affect change.

The exact form of this energy is unknown and unproven, but perhaps it is related to quantum energy, which is receiving a lot of study right now. However it works, metaphysical stones are used by millions of people the world over to manage pain, reduce depression and stress, and live happier, fuller lives.