Negative Ion Benefits – What do they do?

When I first heard of negative ion therapy and the supposed negative ion benefits I thought that it sounded a little far-fetched, or at least overhyped. But going to primary sources and tracking down studies from peer-reviewed academic journals couldn’t have surprised me more. What I found is that there are many proven benefits to exposure to negative ions.

Negative ions are atoms that are a little “out of balance” by having an extra electron. They are perfectly natural; in fact, you’ll find the highest concentrations of negative ions around waterfalls and other very natural places.

It turns out that this property is very beneficial for our bodies and is responsible for a lot of interesting things. Its no coincidence that when we’re out in nature, exposed to all those negative ions, we tend to feel our best. Negative ion benefits can be felt for yourself anytime you travel to a pristine and natural setting; and you can test this at home by purchasing any product approved for negative ion therapy and feeling just as calm and relaxed as you usually feel in the middle of a tranquil forest.

Studies have more than proven a link between negative ion exposure and increased mood, decreased depression, and decreased anger. They’ve also shown a positive, measurable change in a person’s immune system, circadian rhythm, temperature, and cortisol (stress hormone) levels based on whether or not a person is being exposed to negative ions.

This goes beyond the intangible “It just makes me feel better,” which is what most patients of negative ion therapy say. Who doesn’t want to feel happier, healthier, less stressed out, and less depressed? Negative ions do all this and more — new uses are being discovered all the time. Doing the research proved to me that negative ion benefits are real and that you should always do research and try things out on your own before dismissing something out of hand because it’s a new idea.