Negative Ion Necklace – Why you need one

Did you know that every electronic device we use emits an energy field that has been shown to be hazardous to your health and that a negative ion necklace can protect you?

Dangers of EMF’s

Negative Ion NecklaceElectromagnetic fields (EMF’s) surround all electronic devices we use, from computers to televisions, from microwaves to cell phones. While we’re busy answering emails or playing Angry Birds, our cells are being bombarded with this dangerous energy. A 2011 study made the news recently for proving a link between cell phone use and brain tumors — the EMF’s have an abnormal affect on our cells which were not made to withstand these unnatural energy forms.

How Negative Ion Necklaces Help

A negative ion necklace is a way to combat EMF’s because the negative ions that the necklace produces repel and counteract these dangerous fields.

Negative ions may sound bad, but they’re just atoms that have a negative, or minus (-), charge — which is actually an arbitrary thing, like right or left. These ions are found in their highest quantities in nature, particularly around waterfalls and volcanoes; very few are found in our cities and homes. The protective nature of these negative ions can only be accessed if you find a way to bring them to you, which is just what the negative ion necklace does.

The pendant gives off a high concentration of negative ions which surround and permeate your body making a very formidable shield against the dangerous EMF’s.

These negative ions are very safe, and in fact beneficial to your health, having been proven to increase mood, immune system function, and many individual benefits for each of our organ systems, including the brain, heart, lungs, and liver.

Wearing a pendant doesn’t require any special effort on your part (you’ll probably rarely even remember you’re wearing it) but the benefits are staggering; it’s like exposing yourself to the very best elements of nature 24/7 without having to lift a finger. Its no wonder that people who try the negative ion necklace rarely, if ever, take it off. pan>increasing brain power

 Negative Ion Necklace

  • boosting our mood and immune system
  • shortening healing time of flesh wounds and ulcers
  • alleviating some of the symptoms of bronchial asthma

And those are only the PROVEN benefits of negative ions, there may be many more that we have yet to discover! You will probably hear more and more about negative ions as the body of research grows, but there is already plenty of support for backing negative ion therapy as a useful tool for all of us.