Negative Ion Bracelet vs Pendant – Which is better?

One question many people have asked me is:

Which is better? The negative ion bracelet or the pendant?

…and since I wasn’t sure, I did some research to find out.

Both technologies are based on the same principle, which is that they emit negative ions which saturate our bodies with their beneficial properties. These negative ions protect us from dangerous electromagnetic fields and provide many health benefits, including positively affecting our mood, making us feel stronger and have more energy, and improving our immune system functioning.

It turns out that the pendant was the original design, and the negative ion bracelet came out afterward to capitalize on the pendant’s success. Technically the bracelet is in no way inferior to the pendant, but I’ve found that when doing strength tests, the pendant actually performs better than the bracelets.

One of the reasons for this might be the central location of wearing the pendant; as positioned right over your heart and lungs (and right underneath your mouth and nose where ions can be breathed in easily), perhaps its effects are strengthened by this centrality. Even though this difference can’t be explained for certain yet, in my opinion the results of the tests speak for themselves, showing that the pendant is the more effective product between the two.

I’ve been told that many other people who have tried both actually prefer the pendant as well, but one of the reasons they cite is one that I hadn’t thought of initially, which is the shape of the pendant. As essentially a flattened disc that can be strung with any number of strings, (ribbons, chains etc) in any number of ways, it’s actually more versatile than the negative ion bracelet. The pendant can be worn and used in different ways besides just wearing it as a necklace; worn on the head or over the eyes, slipped into a pocket, sewn to the top of a shoe, slid into the brim of a hat, worn as a bracelet or anklet, or incorporated into a do-it-yourself jewelry project. The bracelet can only be one thing: a bracelet.

In the end, I recommend the pendant for a variety of reasons even though the negative ion bracelet is also a good product.