Scalar Energy – What is it, How Can we Benefit

It wasn’t long ago that I’d never even heard of scalar energy, but it didn’t take much research before I was convinced that this technology could be the wave of the future (no pun intended).

Even though the entire field of research has a lot of dissidents, I’m reminded of the period in time when they were just first figuring out that tiny things called viruses and bacteria cause illness in humans; before that time such a thing was unthinkable and the majority of the scientific community rejected the very idea. But proof came along slowly but surely and now its common knowledge. The more research and attention scalar energy gets, the more quickly it will be mainstream.

Scalar Energy

The first scientific demonstrations of scalar energy were made a long time ago by Nikola Tesla, the famous mind who brought us AC motors and commercial electricity, as well as many novel theories and ideas about the arrangement of energy and matter in the Universe. Tesla proposed a universal energy that is different from other types of energy as we see currently conceptualize them, an energy that is long-lasting, extremely powerful, and that modulates through time. The specifics are not easy to grasp for the lay man, and only a handful of scientists consider themselves experts on the topic, but the consensus is that this force exists, even if we understand it little.

The benefits of scalar energy are in being able to imbue an object with specific frequencies to emit that energy forever. This means that any object (like a pendant) that emits scalar energy will do so forever, and that the energy tunes everything around it to a higher energetic threshold to match its own.

The energy field cuts through other fields of energy (like dangerous Electromagnetic Fields from electronic devices like cell phones) and supplies our cells with a negative ionic charge (for increased energy).

The health benefits are still being studied, but so far many uses have already been studied and proven in academic journals, including its use for treating seasonal affective disorder (and related conditions like depression, PMS, lethargy, chronic fatigue syndrome, and anger management issues) and increasing our body’s ability to fight off diseases. The energy supplied to our cell’s membranes activates them to a greater potential and gives the “power plants” of the cell, mitochondria, better ability to create ATP (our body’s energy “coin of the realm”).

Even though we have yet to harness the full potential of scalar energy — which may yet prove to be mankind’s answer to the energy crisis and dependence on fossil fuels — we know enough to use it in a cruder form, by exposing ourselves to the beneficial field using objects imbued with the scalar energy.