Scalar Energy Products – What do they do?

Maybe someone has told you about scalar energy products, but wasn’t able to explain it fully to you.

Or maybe you saw one of those videos that show strength tests where wearers of the products experience gains in balance and strength, and now you’re wondering how it works and if it’s real.

It may surprise you, but not only are these products real, they have other benefits besides strength and balance as well.

Scalar energy products are made from volcanic lava using Japanese technology which imbues it with more of the natural so-called scalar energy that already naturally occurs in the lava. Scalar energy and the associated negative ions are a very natural force, in fact, the highest density of negative ions can be found near a waterfall or in a rainforest (not much could be more natural than that!). These products then emit those negative ions and scalar energy into the wearer. It’s like experiencing the healthy, fresh air and good vibes of a rainforest all day long, even in our crowded, dirty cities and stale, sterile office buildings. These “vibes” counteract the dangerous effects of the electromagnetic fields that surround us all day long every where we go.

The negative ions are a proven cure to depression, shown in a 2005 study published in Psychological Medicine Journal to be equivalent in strength as light therapy, which is what doctors prescribe for sufferers of depression and seasonal affective disorder. (link: More uses are found all the time, and the anecdotal evidence for improved energy, mood, temperament, and feeling of well-being is staggering.

These products are enhanced beyond their natural properties to emit this beneficial energy for years and years, without any dangerous side-effects. Scalar energy pendants contain no hazardous chemicals or substances and emit no dangerous radiation. They are shown only to emit negative ions which are clinically proven to be beneficial in both rat and human trials in a number of measurable ways, such as immune system functioning, temperature, hormone secretion, and nerve stimulation. Scientists have pinpointed many benefits of these scalar energy products, but many more intangible benefits (like an overall feeling of well-being) are difficult to quantify and prove — how can you prove you feel happy? The answer to proving this is on an individual anecdotal basis, but most people who’ve tried it can’t believe the difference. Most naysayers have actually never tried using a scalar energy product. I say, try it because the results will be beyond your expectations.