Quantum Pendant Price – Consider This!

So you’ve decided to buy a quantum pendant, but now you’re inundated by merchants who sell variations of the pendant at wildly different prices and can’t make heads or tails of this crazy marketplace?

You’re not alone!

When I first started researching quantum pendants it seemed overwhelmingly complicated. Why were some pendants so much cheaper than others? Why were some so expensive? Are some fakes? I read every word I could find on quantum pendants and came up with the answer.

Many cheap quantum pendants can actually be fakes, but it’s more common that they are made with the same Japanese technology, but they may contain unsafe materials. Unless you buy from someone who gets them straight from a manufacturer with a documentable record of only containing safe certified materials, you really don’t know what you’re getting. It’s very common for cheap knockoffs to contain lead which is obviously poisonous, but who knows what else could be in a pendant if you don’t have certified proof from the manufacturer about what’s in it?

On the flip side, very expensive quantum pendants run the gamut from dangerous cheap knockoffs to quality quantum pendants like those that I sell on my website, but none of them are any better than any other.

These merchants rely on shady marketing practices like offering “registration” to appeal to people’s sense of caution and desire to own something pure and collectible. This so-called registration is just via a database on its own website which simply tracks who has which # pendant — it sounds to me kind of creepy to keep that kind of information, and not very useful! They think that by charging ridiculously high prices the consumer will think “Well, it’s so expensive, it must be good,” when they’re really just keeping prices high to trick their buyers and probably pay for more underhanded marketing schemes.

No one selling super expensive quantum pendants can offer proof that they are superior to any other pendant.

I happen to think that people aren’t as dumb as these guys hope and that what really matters is proof: test results. I test my pendants more than any other company out there, period. Not only do I want to prove to myself that these pendants are the best possible products, but I want to prove it to my customers as well. I check them with a Geiger counter, which ensures that there is no dangerous radiation. I check them via strength and muscle tests on volunteers to ensure they are having the effects that they are supposed to. I also even check them with a negative ion tester to verify that they do emit negative ions.

My quantum pendants have gone through the most rigorous testing anyone can imagine and still come out on top. They are certified and tested safe and also tested to actually work. I don’t rely on bait and switch marketing or sleazy “registration” cons to get customers, I treat people with respect. I offer the test results on my website so that you can make an educated decision.