Quantum Pendant Japanese Technology

So what is all the buzz about the quantum pendant, made from Japanese technology?

It’s no secret that nature has much to offer us when it comes to keeping us happy and healthy. As biological creatures, we were made to coexist with nature and use all of the resources in it to keep our bodies working properly.

As highly evolved, technologically inclined humans, we have cut ourselves off from much of nature, even though we’ve invented ways to bring a lot of it back, like supplementing our diets with minerals and vitamins and filtering our water and air for manmade toxins. There still seems to be an intangible benefit to being out in nature, standing in a forest or relaxing near a waterfall that we can’t drag back home with us. The Japanese have discovered a way to do just that.

There is a specific kind of energy that we are exposed to when out in the wilderness and surrounded by nature that the quantum pendant made from Japanese technology has managed to replicate. One of the measurable qualities of this energy is negative ions, which are atoms that have a negative (-) electric charge. The quantities of negative ions that this pendant produces are very similar to the concentration of negative ions one can find out in nature near volcanoes and waterfalls, and in the middle of rainforests.

Our cities and homes have very low quantities of negative ions, a fact that explains the difference in feeling between sitting at a desk in a high rise skyscraper and lounging near a babbling brook surrounded by trees. This energy that the pendant produces is also called scalar energy.

Western medicine has actually proven the benefits of negative ions and the evidence is in academic journals, but we as a society tend to shy away from treatments that don’t come in pill form. Even time tested and proven therapies like massage and light therapy (exposing oneself to bright light in the winter months to stave off “the blues”) aren’t as widely embraced as antidepressants (which often test at surprisingly low efficacy levels and often cause many unpleasant side-effects). We even tend to dismiss the studies of scientists who time and time again show negative health consequences of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) because anything having to do with energy fields we can’t see sounds dubious for some reason.

The Japanese have a more open mind to treatments that are holistic and that involve energy fields which are scientifically measurable and whose effects are documentable. The quantum pendant was developed in Japan because they recognized that certain places in nature, especially certain mineral springs, have healing qualities for humans. They sought to replicate those healing forces by sampling different materials and measuring their effects. The best results came from a sample of volcanic lava, which they then experimented with and infused with even more minerals and scalar energy, until they created the quantum pendant that we have today. Now when comparing the quantum pendant to forces in nature we see that they are actually very similar, meaning that taking the pendant home with you is very much like being able to take the entire forest home with you!

Not only is the pendant quantifiably similar to being in nature, people can FEEL the difference when they wear the pendant. Wearers report not just feelings of tranquility and well-being, but increased energy and better overall health.

Scientists suggest that the negative ions work like antioxidants in battling DNA damage, cell death, and cancer; and that the ions stimulate our cells to be more energetic and protect themselves against infection better. Even if we can’t pinpoint all the ways that the negative ions and scalar energy affect our bodies, people who wear the quantum pendant swear by it and insist it is worth a try.