Scalar Energy Pendant Vs Quantum Pendant

Some people seem to say that the Scalar Energy Pendant is better and some say that the Quantum Pendant is better — who are you supposed to believe?

Scalar Energy Pendant vs Quantum PendantBoth pendants make the same claims about benefits, saying that they will increase your immune system functioning, protect your cells against DNA damage and harm from EMF’s (electromagnetic fields), and give you an overall sense of well-being. They both demonstrate their effects through strength tests and muscle tests done on volunteers to show the before and after effects of wearing the pendants. Both of them even have published scientific studies that back up their claims.

The Quantum Pendant and the Scalar Energy Pendant both talk about the same basic technology and principles behind why it works. They both talk about scalar energy and negative ions and the positive way that the affect the human body. Both pendants even look kind of similar.

So what’s the actual difference?

Both pendants are actually the same thing made oftentimes by the very same manufacturer but branded differently and sold under different names.

They both use the same Japanese technology and basic science of infusing Japanese lava rock with scalar energy so that the pendants emit negative ions for good health. Knowing that these pendants really boil down to the same thing can save you a lot of headaches when trying to sort through all the information and marketing fluff you see around the internet. Merchants of one sometimes claim their pendant is the only one that works and that the other one is a fake, and vice versa, when both are in reality the same thing!

Don’t fall for marketing ploys that try to capitalize on a brand name instead of the actual science behind it. Choose a Quantum Pendant that is tested and proven to work instead of relying on the glossy marketing pitches some of these guys come up with.