Are Negative Ions Safe? Find Out the REAL Answer!

There has been a bit of buzz about negative ions lately, but what we want to know is: are negative ions safe?  The best way to figure that out is by first understanding what a negative ion is and what it is that they do.

So, What is a Negative Ion Anyway?

The very basic idea of a negative ion is that it is a negatively charged molecule, atom or complex molecule.  This molecule would have more than it’s typical number of electrons – not enough to give you a static shock, but just enough to change its balance.  While they are invisible, tasteless and odorless, studies have shown that people in the presence of negative ions feel better. It is believed that these ions – which are the same ones that we find in the air in places like waterfalls, or mountain areas, and even directly after thunderstorms in the spring– produce a certain reaction in us at a biochemical level that increases our serotonin levels.  When our serotonin levels are increased we feel less stressed, less depressed and feel more energetic.

So Does that Mean they are Safe?

Asking whether or not negative ions are safe is really the smart thing to do.  While negative ion air emitters are becoming very popular, a lot of people just follow trending without really doing any research.  So being curious and asking the correct questions is the right thing to do.  In regards to negative ions and safety, studies that have been done on people who suffer from depression and seasonal change disorder have had very good results in using negative ions as a treatment to improve their mood.  The best part is that there are no side effects.  The biggest struggle regarding negative ions therapy is not whether they are safe or not, but rather, ‘what dosages and methods work best on which types of people?

What Types of Negative Ion Options are There?

There are numerous ways to add negative ions into our environments and our lives.  There are large negative ion machines that can put negative ions into the air of rooms of your home or office.  There are smaller ion emitters that can add negative ions to personal space.  Each of these types of machines needs to be plugged in and work in a contained area – there are even negative ion emitters for your car!  There are also negative ion jewelry options, such as bracelets and the Scalar Energy Pendant that you can wear and bring negative ions with you wherever you go.

The Bottom Line

Overall negative ions seem to do nothing but add benefits into the lives of those who struggle with depression, low energy levels and seasonal disorders.  In today’s hectic lifestyle anything that brings a bit of balance without negative side effects is a good thing.  Carrying a natural negative ion generator, like the Scalar Energy Pendant around with you during the day is a great way to boost your mood and increase energy levels with zero side effects.  All evidence suggests that the response is a resounding “Yes” in regards to whether negative ions are safe.