Protection From Cell Phone Radiation – What to Consider!

Why do you need Protection From Cell Phone Radiation? Find out today!

If you use your cellphone on a daily basis like most people you probably don’t realize how much radiation you are absorbing and just how important it is that you have protection from this kind of unnatural radiation. Consider the fact that in the ENTIRE history of human kind we have never had a device like a cell phone, which emits unnatural frequencies and radiation so close to our brains. You need to ask yourself how many minutes per day are you on your cell phone? When was the last time you took a break from using your cell phone and did you notice any difference?

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Now I know you’ve heard from all the major mobile phone networks and cellphone manufacturers that there is no need for protection from cellphone radiation because it simply isn’t powerful enough to cause you any significant harm. If this is true then you need to ask yourself why the EPA and the Department of Energy and the World Health Organization for example are raising serious concerns over the long-term implications of cellphone use for both adults and especially for children. This is based on the fact that a child’s skull is roughly 75% thinner than an adult skull and this means that a child using a cellphone for a prolonged period of time is basically pumping their fragile brain and nervous system full of radiation. This has been proven time and time again in reliable medical studies by trained, qualified and fully accredited medical professionals.

So what steps can you take in ensuring your protection from cellphone radiation?

For your children you simply restrict, monitor or deny the use of their cellphone. This may seem cruel but you’re protecting their health and if you look at the surge in children suffering from brain tumors, lymphatic cancer, learning disabilities and a whole platter of other social and medical conditions you may be able to start putting the pieces of the jigsaw together for your own family. Just because a company tells you that their product is safe doesn’t mean that you should instantly assume it is safe and there have been numerous high-profile court cases over the years that are proof that you cannot take companies at their word.

For the adults in your family or family pets you can thankfully rely on the technology and innovation behind scalar energy pendants. Without getting into high-level physics scalar energy is simply the energy that has existed before and during the creation of everything that is in the universe today. It is a positive and almost limitless form of energy that can be harnessed to help in creating protection from cellphone radiation for you and your family.

These pendants themselves are actually made from volcanic rock harvested off the coast of Japan and the reasons why this rock is used is that it is incredibly rich in naturally occurring scalar energy and it is this scalar energy which provides protection from cellphone radiation for everyone in your family.

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