SE Pendant Review – Is This Energy Pendant Real and Worth It?

So just what is an SE Pendant and what does it do? Find out in this SE Pendant Review. A common name for an SE pendant is also a Scalar Energy Pendant. So in this review I’ll be explaining exactly how the SE pendant / quantum pendant / scalar energy pendant work as they are all made of the same base material.


So what are these pendants made of?

The SE Pendant (For the sake of simplicity I will be referring to the Quantum Pendant / Scalar Pendant as SE Pendant) is made from lava rock and other deep earth rock which contains a number of minerals the effect of these minerals is the release of negative ions. Lava rock has been known to provide many health benefits to the people who live on it. The SE pendant provides not just lava rock but a condensed version of it which condenses the minerals naturally found in the rock, thus amplifying the beneficial effects this natural product can provide.

Different rock materials might be blended in such as Tourmaline which can influence the negative ion output and improve the pendant in terms of its potential benefits.


How does it work?

The lava stone pendant emits negative ions (otherwise known as negatively charged electrons). These are the same ions you receive naturally into your body when you walk barefoot on the earth. A popular trend is in fact starting in regards to this, it’s known as Earthing. When earthing you pull electrons from the earth into your body. These electrons are literally like a lifeline for humans and all living things to the earth. Our disconnection from it is what can lead to numerous health problems.

The reason the pendant is so effective is that it has a condensed amount of minerals which are found in deep earth such as lava. This is like a supercharge of natural electrons all within a tiny little pendant.


What are the Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to an se pendant. The greatest of which is its ability to reduce the harmful effects of modern day electronic devices. These devices emit unnatural frequencies and create positively charged ions which weaken the human body in numerous ways.

The pendant works to correct these issues by providing numerous negative ions. In turn you can expect to feel the following effects;

–          Increased energy, a reduction in fatigue

–          Better concentration, especially when using computers and electronic devices

–          Improved immune function

–          Just make you feel good! (Negative ions have scientific case studies proving this)

–          Pain reduction (Negative ions reduce inflammation in the body)


Is the SE Pendant a Scam?

A commonly criticized point of the se pendant is people becoming so skeptical of it that they blow it off as a scam right away. Not only that but MLM high pressure sales tactics only seem to further this negative spin on the pendant.

The reality is that the pendant DOES work. The problem is that so many people selling it give a bad impression due to the way in which it’s being marketed. The truth is that it’s simply compressed deep earth and lava rock which contains a dense amount of negative ion emitting minerals. These minerals you cannot easily obtain and in reality the way in which all of us are supposed to receive this kind of energy is by walking on the earth barefoot. As most people simply don’t have the time, are not in the right environment to do so or both the pendant is the next best option to receiving these natural earth based electrons into your body.


SE Pendant Review – Conclusion:

The se pendant provides beneficial energy to the human body which cannot easily be obtained otherwise in modern life. Its energy emission CAN be proven using a real testing device, to see the Video demonstration please CLICK HERE. The benefits to be gained from the pendant are diverse enough due to the multiple health improving effects of negative ions that the only reason someone should have for not having one is not being able to afford one! With this said people should continue approaching their health from a holistic perspective. Doing multiple therapies to improve their health, it just happens that using this pendant is one of the easiest ways to get a boost to your overall health.

However there IS good news as you can get these pendants for a fraction of what an MLM or major distributor would charge. Best of all they work even BETTER than the overpriced ones! Buy 2 get 1 free right now by clicking here!