Negative Ions Health Effects – The Health Benefits of Negative ions

New Study

Negative Ions Health EffectsScientists have come across a new health benefits for negative ion therapy in testing the effects of negative ions on children with mental disability, learning disabilities, and/or autism. The results showed an unbelievable increase in learning and focus for children exposed to negative ions as opposed to just normal air. Children exposed to the negative ions were able to sit still for longer periods of time, experienced fewer emotional outbursts (particularly those of anger) and performed better on school tests and activities.

This study reinforces the hypothesis that negative ions are required in the brain and nervous system for healthy functioning and that supplementing our exposure to them can help mental performance, focus, and even our moods. Studies on average adults have been most successful at proving dramatic short term boosts in mood when exposed to negative ions compared to the control, and improved memory and performance when being tested.

Negative ions are just atoms that have an electric charge. Negative ions are found in the largest concentrations in nature, around waterfalls and volcanoes, and found in the smallest concentrations in office buildings and structures that have a lot of electronics in them. Places with a lot of electronics tend to have the opposite ions (positively charged ions) in high concentrations which are thought to be damaging to our nervous system’s performance.

In rats scientists have seen the negative ions work directly through the vagus nerve which is a major nerve in the head/face area. Rats experience an increase in speed and sensitivity of the nerve. This nerve is also associated with migraines, begging the question of whether or not negative ions may be a viable treatment option for migraines and whether or not all the electronic devices are to blame for migraines which were rarely seen before electricity.

In any case, the benefits of negative ions are real and tangible. Supplementing your exposure to negative ions is as natural as supplementing your exposure to oxygen by buying a houseplant or supplementing your calcium intake with fortified orange juice. Adding some negative ions to your body will probably cause immediate and long term positive benefits.