Scalar Energy Products – What’s the Best?

On the market right now are quite a few different scalar energy products, so it might be difficult trying to choose between them. Hopefully I can shed a little light on the industry to help make the process a little easier.

Scalar Energy ProductsGenuine scalar energy products are made in Japan near the source of rock that makes these unique pendants so effective. They are made in the same manufacturing plant with the same trade secrets that imbue them with scalar energy and negative ions. Note that I said all “Genuine” scalar energy products. This is because there are fakes. Beware of anyone selling one for too cheap because it is very likely a fake. Radically different products that you’ve never seen before, like scalar energy earrings, for example, are also likely to be fake. You’re really only going to find genuine scalar energy products as bracelets and pendants.

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What if someone charges a normal price for a fake? How would you know?

Well you want to make sure its certified real and certified safe from the manufacturer. Registering a pendant or bracelet doesn’t mean anything because it’s not being registered with the manufacturer, but with the reseller, who may be the one lying to you.

Otherwise you have to rely on testing: has the seller tested their pendants and made available the results to you? Has the seller done all tests they should have done, including testing for radiation and negative ions, as well as performing many documented strength tests to test for efficacy? Unless you can see on their website that they’ve done these things, do not buy from them!

Should I get a bracelet or a pendant?

Between the bracelets and the pendants, most people prefer the pendants because they are more versatile than a bracelet. The bracelet can only be worn one way and is more conspicuous. Many people are shy about wearing their scalar energy jewelry and like the idea of being able to wear it around their neck under their shirt, or slipping it into a pocket (note, you could put a bracelet in your pocket, but it doesn’t fit as nicely as a disc pendant does).

The disc also allows it to work like a massage stone; you can place it directly on an area on your body that needs the extra scalar energy. Scalar energy products can be bought for style not just for function, since both pendant and bracelet function the same.

Consider what works best for you and make an educated decision.