Healing Jewellery – Healing Energy Stone Pendant

Healing jewellery comes in a few different forms, from gemstones to rough rocks to metals and to scalar energy pendants. Most of them explain their power by looking at the vibrations and energy fields involved with these different materials. Usually the Earth is responsible for imbuing the rocks with natural power which helps connect us with nature.

It is a theme that is very universal even between different cultures, which has made scientists research into whether or not it could be true. Studies are starting to show that our bodies utilize energy fields in new ways that we’d never even thought possible, and imaging techniques are becoming sophisticated to the point of actually being able to see these energy fields being manipulated. Though we are still a ways off from seeing it directly, at least where we are now gives us the principles that are behind why energy stone pendants might work.

Electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) are the negative side of energy fields, and the negative effects are not just proven, but dramatic as well. A 2011 study linked cell phone use to tumor growth at the exact spot in the brain where a user would hold a cell phone to talk – there’s very little doubt that EMF’s somehow interact in our bodies to cause damage. If bad energy can affect our bodies, why not good energy?

Another study this year showed the effectiveness of good energy and healing jewellery on our bodies by looking at Reiki, which is the practice of using meditation and massage to affect a person’s inner energy for the better. It showed that people who were exposed to non-contact Reiki experienced a decrease in depression and an increase in feelings of well-being, even up to 5 weeks after treatment.

Healing jewellery operates on basically the same principles as Reiki (you can even get Reiki jewelry) whereby it is trying to affect the body’s internal energy to improve health and well-being.

Rocks, gemstones, scalar energy pendants, etc are thought to have their own internal energy fields which then interact with our “biofields” and increase our body’s efficiency. Double-blind trials show that people do experience health benefits from wearing healing jewelry, so there has to be something to all of this.

The only way to know if it will work for you, however, is to actually give it a chance and hold it in your own hand. Until you do that, you have no way of knowing what it will do for you.