Healing Necklaces – Energy Stone Necklace

Since the dawn of time people have used gemstones for healing and made healing necklaces out of beautiful carved stones said to possess healing powers and capabilities. Generations after generations have experienced these benefits, but if they’re real, why doesn’t everyone in the world use them now?

Why is it still only a select minority that seems clued into the benefits of these healing necklaces?

Part of it is that the mechanism by which these necklaces work is debatable and many of us don’t like to use something unless we know how it works. Because you can’t measure the type of energy and the type of vibrations that these gems and stones are said to emit, you can’t prove that they’re doing anything other than just sitting there!

And yet when someone who is secretly slipped a healing stone mysteriously finds his or her pain relieved and depression alleviated, we can’t explain it.

We don’t know how these energy forces harmonize with our own biofields and energy within cells – our cells have recently been discovered to communicate via electromagnetic fields and vibrations, something never even hypothesized before. But the anecdotal evidence is staggering.

How it Works

One way to think about how these stones work is by comparing it to the way a tuning fork works. When you strike a tuning fork it hums a specific musical note. This musical note is represented by a specific sound wave.

When you strike a second tuning fork at the same time, if the two forks are of different notes, the sound waves are slightly different . The waves don’t go together or harmonize, instead the waves crash into each other, which you can hear in your ears as the pitches don’t match.

But if the tuning forks are the same note, the sound waves harmonize and your ears pick it up and hear a “smoothness” as the pitches match.

A stone can work like a tuning fork, putting out a good energy and trying to harmonize with your internal energy. The stone can help bend the waves to match its good energy creating a harmonized and balanced outlook. Wearing healing necklaces harmonizes your inner energy field which optimizes healing speed and efficiency, in addition to reducing stress, increasing energy, and boosting mood and your immune system.