Products With Negative Ions – Why Do We Need Them?

Our homes are flooded with EMF’s that can cause all kinds of illnesses and ill health effects. Products with negative ions help combat this dangerous condition by blocking their entry into our bodies and working inside our cells to help them function more efficiently and communicate without disruption from EMF’s. It’s important to supplement our supply of negative ions more than ever.

Negative ions can help block out the foreign dangerous EMF signals. They can energize our cell walls which can help our cells communicate faster and more efficiently. Negative ions in our blood stream can combat some of the negative effects of EMF’s by increasing the electric threshold and giving us more energy.

Products with negative ions supplement our body’s exposure to negative ions, which should normally come from being exposed to nature and places with low amounts of EMF’s — a condition that not many of us are used to. In our cities and suburbs, being out in nature is not always practical. Going to a waterfall for a dose of negative ions, or travelling to a volcano just to breath in the electrons in the air is a bit extreme for most people, but how else to get these very necessary ions?

Our cells produce their own EMF’s which they use to communicate with each other. When cells can communicate efficiently, they can coordinate all of the processes in the body better. In the brain, cells need to communicate in order to think clearly, make rational decisions, process information, and other day-to-day mental activities that we all take part in.

When this communication is disrupted or delayed by foreign EMF’s, damage ensues. Our thinking becomes fuzzy and slow, even depressed. We get headaches and nausea and become too tired to exercise or take part in the things we love. It can even raise our blood sugar and our body’s stress responses contributing to diabetes and obesity.

It’s clear that EMF’s are harmful and negative ions are one solution to this problem. Fortunately, adding negative ions to our lives is as simple as choosing one of many products with negative ions. Quantum products are the most efficient way to give our bodies negative ions because they use scalar energy, a special type of energy to combat EMF’s and produce negative ions.