Where to get Negative Ions

Electrosensitivity Syndrome, or Electro-hyper Sensitivity Syndrome as it’s known in other parts of the world, is a growing concern. In our ultra high tech culture of cell phones and the internet, we are chronically underexposed to natural and beneficial negative ions, so it’s more important than ever to find out where to get negative ions. Our electronic devices emit dangerous EMF’s and energy that is counterproductive to all of the health benefits that negative ions can provide us. It’s important to supplement our exposure to negative ions.

You’ve probably experienced the impact of being surrounded by dangerous electrical equipment, radio signals, microwave radiation, and faulty wiring that is making us all very sick. Evidence is starting to pile up while the manufacturers of technology simply offer us blanket assurances of safety, in a hauntingly familiar way that the tobacco industry issued assuring PR statements in the 50’s and 60’s, before evidence had piled up enough to prove the health risks.

And before millions of people had already died.

It’s obvious that we need negative ions to help combat this damage and danger. It’s important to know where to get negative ions.

Negative ions are found in their highest concentrations in nature. They come from natural processes, such as deep within the Earth’s core where molten magmas are compressed and heated to very high temperatures. They are also associated with waterfalls, where the potential energy from the water falling from a very large height is converted to actual energy leaving a surplus of electrons behind. These electrons are negative ions.

Travelling to places of extreme seclusion is one way to get negative ions, but it’s impractical for most of us who can’t afford to do that every year, let alone every day.

Technology has some options for us, including very expensive ionizers sometimes prescribed by western doctors due to their proven ability to create a high density of ions for therapeutic use. People with seasonal affective disorder, depression, and various mental disabilities are often targeted for this type of therapy. But it is very expensive and the machinery is bulky and inefficient.

A more elegant solution is to use quantum energy because a very small object using this technology can emit lots of negative ions without requiring electricity or lots of space. Quantum pendants, or scalar energy pendants, as they are also known, utilize a specialized form of Japanese technology that works in combination with naturally imbued lava and stone to emit lots of negative ions. Though it may seem difficult to decide where to get negative ions, in the end it should be obvious when you compare price and size between the different options.