Quantum Pendant Facts

If you think the idea of scalar energy is a little bit fishy and want to know all the quantum pendant facts, you’re not alone. Most people don’t like the idea of scalar energy because it’s untraditional and frankly a little difficult to understand. The idea that electromagnetic fields and other types of subtle energy can affect our biological process is not a mainstream idea, but it does have scientific merit.

A recent 2011 study uncovered that the cells in our bodies actually use their own electromagnetic waves to talk to each other.

It’s like our cells are little radios!

In the past it was thought that cells only communicate by chemical messengers, but the speed of biological processes was a little difficult to explain by this mechanism alone. Now we know that our cells actually use their own electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) to send messages back and forth about things like when to divide, if the body is under attack or stress, or what kinds of proteins to make.

This opens the door for people who have been saying all along that EMF’s harm our bodies. This also opens the door for people who have been singing the praises of quantum pendant facts for a long time to finally explain why these pendants help people so dramatically.

The EPA said in a report in the 90’s that although there are scientific studies that show a causal link between EMF exposure and cancer, including cell phone use and brain tumors, because the EPA could not find a biological reason or mechanism that the EMF’s could harm us, they would not officially call EMF’s harmful. What kind of sense does that make?

Something is killing our cells and giving us diseases, but just because they don’t know how it does it, they’re going to ignore it?

What if we had done that when the AIDS epidemic had broken out? T

he irresponsibility of the EPA is astounding.

Now we have the evidence we need to prove that EMF’s are harmful and the only way to protect ourselves is through utilizing scalar energy. The frequency and amplitude of scalar energy waves are such that they are perpendicular to normal energy forms that we are used to so that they can act like a barrier to those energy forms that would otherwise be unstoppable. Not even a lead vest can stop EMF radiation.

The quantum pendant facts are that these pendants emit scalar energy in such a way as to envelope your body and protect it from dangerous EMF radiation. The negative ions enter into your body and increase the electric potential of the cell membranes giving our cells a boost and undoing some of the negative effects of EMF exposure.