Quantum Pendant Health Benefits

The truth is that there are many quantum pendant health benefits.

New studies are finding new benefits to them all the time.

One of the most recent studies was done in mentally disabled and handicapped school-aged children. These students were exposed to negative ions, like those emitted by the quantum pendant, and their performance was noted. Interestingly, students showed increased concentration including longer time spent at activities requiring intense focus and concentration. These students were also seen to have great improvements in mood and behavior, particularly those who were given to having fits of rage and demonstrations of frustration and unhappiness in the past. Students seemed tranquil by comparison and even content in situations they’d normally throw a tantrum in.

The results of this study go hand in hand with another study done on adults attempting to focus on job-related activities on a computer while being exposed to negative ions. It was found that the performance was much better when the person was exposed to negative ions as compared to when they were not, and they reported feeling less stressed out and tired when exposed to the negative ions – even though they themselves were not aware of the negative ions they were being exposed to. They reported feeling calmer, happier, more creative, more focused, and less frustrated.

Finally a recent study showed that negative ions can affect the moods of adolescents who were typically angry and upset or depressed. Subjects experienced a dramatic short term turn around of mood and outlook, almost as though a switch were flipped and they suddenly became happy again.

Studies frequently support quantum pendant health benefits but they are often ignored for more profitable products like synthetic drugs that the pharmaceutical companies have a stake in continuing to patent and sell.

Quantum pendants emit negative ions. These negative ions are known to be beneficial to the body by doing good things in our brains and lungs, as well as energizing the cell membranes of all cells in general, which undoes some of the damages of electromagnetic radiation from computers and cell phones. All electronic devices, like computers and cell phones, and even fluorescent light bulbs and alarm clocks, emit EMF radiation. It was long thought that this was harmless, much like being exposed to a little heat is harmless. However it’s being shown that over time the effects of EMF exposure add up, much in the same way that being out in the sun a little bit at a time can add up to skin cancer. EMF’s have been linked to cancer and other diseases.

Some of the many quantum pendant health benefits are the negative ions for increased brain and lung functioning, and the way that these pendants are able to protect us from EMF radiation. The scalar energy responsible for protecting us is a unique type of energy that is mostly associated with nature, as opposed to EMF’s which are mostly associated with manmade technologies.