Scalar Pendant Radioactive? – Learn the Truth! Fact From Fiction

So is the Scalar Pendant Radioactive?

With so much information going around about Scalar Pendants emitting Radiation. A great deal of which is coming from uninformed sources, in many cases who have simply found a reading on a geiger meter and immediately freaked out without rational thought.

This article is here to explain things clearly so you can make an educated decision regarding Scalar Pendants & Quantum Pendants. By the end you will understand and KNOW 100% that wearing a Quantum Scalar Pendant is not only SAFE but ALSO very beneficial!

There is MUCH to explain on this topic. I’ll start off by saying that the mainstream understanding of radiation is WRONG and is based on mis-information and propaganda going all the way back to the 1940s.

ALL volcanic rock will contain a vast assortment of minerals including the volcanic rock used in our pendants. Deep earth minerals contain an assortment of “radioactive” minerals. In short a majority of volcanic rock will trigger a geiger meter, is this reason to be alarmed? Not at all!

There are several things to understand regarding this

The current mainstream theory that ANY radiation dose is dangerous is FALSE. There is ample proof against it, however the main one is that the creator of the theory (Herman Muller) has been proven to have lied in regards to it. By denying knowledge on information his records proved he DID in fact know of.

He knew low dose radiation wasn’t harmful based on testing but it is believed government pressure at the time (during WW2) encouraged him to maintain a result that would encourage fear of ANY dose of radiation. The LNT (Linear No-Threshold) theory was incorrect back in 1946 and hasn’t been changed since!  You can read one source of several regarding this here –

More recent theories known as the Threshold and Hormesis theories which are based on real life radiation truths have exposed that low dose radiation is not harmful in short OR long term and that you MUST have a certain dose level of exposure before it can even begin to become unhealthy regardless of duration of exposure.

This level of exposure is MUCH higher than what the pendant can produce. We’re talking 10-20x + what our strongest pendant could do, even then it’s debatable whether those higher levels would be unhealthy. The Hormesis theory however not only states low dose as harmless but in fact as healthy and beneficial! There is a great deal of feedback to support this.

However because the radiation remediation/education industry is a BILLION dollar industry, those in power would rather keep the existing LNT theory as the standard to protect their corporate financial interests, otherwise the rich could start losing money. 

The fear of radiation has NOTHING to do with it actually being dangerous in low (Naturally occurring earth levels), it has EVERYTHING to do with politics and corporate interest.

Natural Earth Radiation is GOOD for you!

Black sand beaches that have radiation levels 400x the background levels and contain all sorts of radioactive minerals are used for HEALING. The people who use them are not getting sick but getting healthy. The same goes for other low level radiation found in nature in hot springs which are radioactive and very healing.

I could point you to this site for example – where they use PURE uranium stones to heal cancer and illness. These stones are MUCH more radioactive than our pendants, much more condensed and not only are they safe but they HEAL the body.

Please watch this video below which explains why radiation emitted from a Quantum Pendant is perfectly safe AND in fact in HEALTHY levels for the body. As the video explains, we NEED earth based radiation to live, without it biological life could not exist!

A good book on this topic is –


FEAR based on Mis-Information IS the Problem!

Bottom line is that the FEAR of radiation is based on mis-understanding. Even on the wikipedia page here – They agree the model is controversial and that the biggest health risk from low dose radiation is from people FEARING it needlessly and creating worry. Because the truth is that it’s harmless at low levels and in fact benefits the body.