How Does a Quantum Pendant Work? – Natural Earth Energy!

So How does a Quantum Pendant Work?

Frequency + Earth Energy in the form of Negative Ions!

I’m not sure if you have seen our homepage. However we display video test evidence of our pendants emitting energy in the form of negative ions. 

In addition to this our pendants emit out different earth based frequencies. The most prolific of these is the Schumann resonance of 7.83 hz. This provides a constant grounding frequency to the wearer.

What else emits the same energy as a Quantum Pendant?

The same healing energy emitted from a black sand beach is exactly what you get in our Quantum Lava Rock Pendants. Hot Springs will also emit a similar energy as will of course volcanic rock and areas residing on a large amount of volcanic rock.

They will emit negative ions for your entire life, in addition to many healing frequencies, including the Schumann resonance which is known as the most powerful grounding frequency.

The most incredible thing about these Lava Pendants is how many people have felt a difference the very first time they put one on!

So regardless of whether you want to IMPROVE Detoxification, boost your resistance to illness or just FEEL Better, THIS is the Best and EASIEST way to improve your overall health!

All you have to do is wear one!